Elementary Studio

An Acton Elementary Studio (ES) is more like a close-knit neighborhood than any "school" or homeschool group.

The main goal is for learners to explore, create, and build — both themselves and the world around them. In a safe environment and through a self-learning process, learners experience the relationship between freedom and responsibility, discover their Hero’s Journey, develop long lasting friendships, and participate in a hardworking community with a culture of inquiry.

A strong tribe inspires, equips, and connects young heroes as learners shift from “my feelings, right now” to “longer range goals and getting along with others." Most importantly, an ES Guide never answers questions, and instead offers choices, challenges, and responsibility — growing smaller every day until she or he no longer is needed in the studio.

This studio serves learners who are roughly 7 to 11 years old.


Learners move at their own pace using adaptive, game-based software for math and other hard skills, choose which books to read and review, and learn to speak, think, and write using game-based recipes for key communication skills.
Learners explore and collaborate in hands-on projects and real-world challenges to spark interest in a range of topics, including STEM, history, and the arts.
Who are the heroes of the past? What tough choices did you make? These are some of the questions that guide learners in their journey as the dive into the history of the world, the human experience, and geography.
We promise heroes will find a calling that will change the world by learning to be. That means means finding ways through difficult challenges and decisions to etch habits of positive character traits, including grit, curiosity, independence, a growth mindset, and all they need to reach their full potential.

Fun + Challenging = Mastery

Learning should be fun and challenging. Embracing rigor is part of saying “Yes” to a Hero’s Journey. The Elementary Studio  is the gateway to your child starting theirs.