The Acton Method

The curriculum and processes we use are unlike any you’ll find. The curriculum can be broken down into three concepts: Core Skills, Quests, and Discovery.

Core Skills

Develop fundamental and advanced skills.


Master math skills at an independent pace through cutting-edge adaptive software programs. Measure progress from basic arithmetic to calculus and beyond.


Learn to love to read. Elementary learners start by reading anything they enjoy. Over time, they read more and more challenging books and increase skills through practice on online platforms.


Become a powerful communicator. Learners practice clear thinking and effective communication by writing convincing speeches, biographies, stories, research articles, journals, advertising copy, emails, etc.

Learners earn points for writing challenges (i.e. Civilization, Quests, Genre/Writers Workshop projects) and badges for peer-critiqued work brought to an excellent level.

Self-paced Learning

Learners use the latest in adaptive learning software to progress through mastered skills quickly and spend more time on whichever skills are difficult for that particular learner.

Younger learners have dedicated time for each Core Skill. More advanced learners organize their own Core Skills time.

Setting Goals

Guides offer a menu of challenges and points and badge requirements for each. Online dashboards show analytic feedback.

Measuring Progress

Hundreds of badges measure progress from Elementary to Launchpad (High School Studio).


Conquer real-world challenges that matter.

Learn to Do

Quests are a series of challenges delivered over four-to-six weeks, bound by a compelling narrative and designed to deliver 21st century skills.

Guides offer a narrative using: Socratic discussions, decorating, role plays; a series of challenges; points, badge requirements, and the rules of the game. Learners then lead quests and Guides step back.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

  • Medical Biology Quest: Diagnose diseases and interpret MRIs and X-rays.
  • Electricity Quest: develop patents for new electrical devices in Thomas Edison’s Menlo Park lab.
  • Detective Chemistry Quest: Solve a crime using forensic science.
  • Bridge Building Quest: Build a bridge and compete by measuring weight supported vs cost to build.
  • … and many more!

Eagle Bucks

Eagle Bucks are studio money that learners can earn and spend as they please. The learners will decide if they want to use this popular incentive used in Actons across the world.


Learners engage in projects across a wide variety of disciplines. For example, in the Personal Finance genre, learners debate real-world questions like “Is college worth the cost?” or “Should I buy life insurance?”


Twice a week, learners dive into history, politics, and economics by putting themselves in the shoes of historical figures at critical turning points in history and debating real-life decisions.


Develop character while discovering a calling that will change the world. Whether during Core Skills or Quests, learners are practicing character skills every day.

Hero’s Journey

Core to the learning philosophy of Acton Academy, the Hero’s Journey emphasizes the archetypal narrative all humans long to experience – listening to the call to adventure and conquering challenges.

We believe that each person has a gift that can change the world in a profound way.

Socratic Discussions

Every day, learners circle up for Socratic discussions focused on priorities for the day, philosophical debates, or the needs of their tribe.


Starting in around the Middle School age, learners find an apprenticeship they’re passionate about, pitch themselves for it, follow up, and perform great work.

Servant Leader Badges

Some of the most important badges at Acton, servant leader badges celebrate the development of heroic character. They include holding boundaries, listening empathetically, and even co-building a studio.

Journey Tracker

Our learners use a proprietary software custom built for Acton Academy. Progress is tracked and measured across all core skills and quests and across each leaders’ entire journey at Acton Academy.

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