We believe every child who enters our doors will find a calling and change the world.

Acton Academy Port St. Lucie is the Treasure Coast’s only learner-driven “microschool” that believes every child is a true genius.

Learner-driven communities run by heroes-in-the-making

Self-management and self-governance are celebrated daily by learners who use 21st Century skills to tackle real world projects, inspired by classic heroes in a tightly bound community with extremely high standards.

An Education for the 21st Century

At Acton, we believe that learning to learn, do, and be are more important than memorizing for tests. We believe that clear thinking leads to good decisions, good decisions form the right habits, habits form character, and character determines destiny.

Through Socratic discussions, personal goal setting, critical thinking, and adaptive technology, our Heroes are equipped to be independent lifelong learners.

Whether it's by launching a business, creating a living habitat, programming a robot, or learning an instrument, Acton learners build real-life skills in the "studio" every day.

Personal virtues such as honesty, grit, responsibility, kindness and empathy are developed through community relationships and conflict resolution.

What leading entrepreneurs and thought leaders are saying about Acton

“Acton Academy is on the vanguard of change in education in our country. After reading [Courage to Grow], your first two questions will probably be, 'Why couldn't my school be like this?' and 'How can I send my kids to Acton?'״
Seth Godin
“Acton Academy [is] a cutting edge program that blends the one-room schoolhouse, the Socratic method and 21st-century technology to aid each student in changing themselves and the world.״
Jordan Peterson
“For an institution like the Acton Academy and for me, what it really represents is something I wish I had.״
Gary Vee
“Acton Academy is on the leading edge of what it means to give students agency of their own learning.״
Sal Khan