Frequently Asked Questions

Does Acton use the Montessori method?

Acton incorporates many Montessori materials and principles — such as mixed-age classes, freedom within limits, large blocks of uninterrupted work time, learning through “discovery,” and freedom of movement — and combines them with the best 21st-century learning tools, real-world projects, and the Socratic method, which emphasizes asking and answering questions to cultivate critical thinking.

Does Acton serve children with special needs?

We are not trained to serve children with serious learning disabilities but may be able to serve those with dyslexia who receive special training and support.

Where are you located?

We are located at Nativity Episcopal Church on Del Rio Blvd. We are not a religious institution.

Is Acton a franchise?

Acton Academy Port St. Lucie is an independent affiliate of the Acton Academy network. Acton affiliates share a mission, set of beliefs, and promises to families. Individual affiliates adapt Acton’s model for the unique communities they serve. The Acton network supports affiliates with curriculum materials, learning tools, custom software, best practices, and more. 

You can learn more about the Acton Academy network by clicking here.

Do you have a calendar?

You can see our 2023-2024 academic calendar by clicking here

You can see our 2024-2025 academic calendar by clicking here.

Are you accredited?

Our courses are accredited by the International Association of Learner-Driven Schools.

What is the Socratic method and why does Acton use it?

In the Socratic method, a guide sets up scenarios and asks questions to stimulate critical thinking and independent learning. Acton uses the Socratic method rather than lectures because through discussions and actively making arguments to support their beliefs, students hone their critical thinking and speaking abilities and gain a better understanding of a topic than by passively taking notes during a lecture. Outside of discussions, guides employ the Socratic method with students throughout the day in order to build and reinforce independent learners who are able to answer their own questions.

Do you accept new applicants?

Yes. We accept new applicants every time we start a new “Quest.” Learn more here.

What ages do you serve?

At this time, Acton PSL is only serving children ages 5 to 10, roughly kindergarten to fourth grade. Acton emulates the one-room schoolhouse, so all children in that age group are in the same studio.

As learners in the Elementary Studio get older, we will open access to children of older ages, including a “Middle School Studio” and Launchpad, the equivalent of a high school studio.

How much does it cost?

See our Tuition page for more information, including discounts.

Every family in Florida can receive an average of $7,500 off of education expenses for each child. Families should apply for the Scholarships for Personalized Education Program (PEP), but we do not accept Family Empowerment Scholarships for Educational Opportunities (FES-EO). You can roll your FES-EO into a PEP. Contact us for more information.

If there are no grades, how is progress measured?

Learners “grade” each other. Every hero is assigned a Running Partner who verifies that each submitted assignment is excellent quality, not just a “passing grade.” All assignments are submitted on our online platform Journey Tracker, so parents and fellow heroes can see what any other learner has submitted and verify that it is exceptional in quality. They also set daily, weekly, and session goals, and are held accountable by their studio. Learners also use portfolios, learning exhibitions, peer reviews, goal monitoring, and a once-a-year standardized test.

How do Acton learners compare on standardized tests?

While we dislike standardized tests because they tend to measure if a student has memorized specific facts (that they forget after taking the test), all our learners do take one annual standardized test to benchmark their progress in terms comparable to other educational methods. Students who have been at Acton Academies around the world often text on average three to four grades above age level in reading and math.

Is Acton a private or religious school?

Acton Academy Port St. Lucie is a home education instructional program, which is different from a private school. Some Actons are registered private schools, others are like ours.

Acton Academy Port St. Lucie has no religious affiliation.

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